Sunday, March 10, 2013

Etsy Shop Feature: JustTCsgirlscrafting

This post features Kathy and her new shop on Etsy (she just opened shop on February 3rd!), JustTCsgirlscrafting. 

This shop is run by a team of mom and her four daughters - doesn't that sound fun?! They offer a beautiful collection of baby clothes, scarves, miniature bears, blankets, jewelry, and more. Read below to find out more about this talented family of crafters!

 1. Tell me a little about yourself! What are your hobbies, etc?

We are just a mom and four daughters who love to craft and make one of kind items and want to share them with others. I have been crafting since I was a very young girl. I crochet, knit, sew, quilt, cross-stitch and I shared these and other skills with my daughters. It is a blessing to me that my girls allowed me to share my art with them and that they appreciate it so much that they have gone on to learn new skills and techniques making better pieces then I could imagine. Please take the time to browse our shop and you never know you might find that special something that you are looking for, for yourself or for someone else. 

At the heart of all we do is a love for Jesus Christ and we do all things for Him. Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." We hope that you are blessed by stopping by and taking a look whether to buy or just to get some ideas.

2. Tell me about your Etsy shop. How did you get started in your craft and what made you decide to sell on Etsy? Do you sell anywhere else?
We have been crafting for so long, there has never been a time that we have not had something going. We believe that idle hands need something to do, so we have always created things that we love and sometimes that other people love and then give them away. We have sold a few items, but for the most part it has been just a blessing to bring others joy through our crafts. 

For a short time we did have our items in a crafters consignment shop and this was not a successful venture. We sold one item, and paid a lot in consignment fees. This really burned us out and we lost a little hope. We began giving our items away again. When we recently moved to Oregon we decided that we would give Etsy a shot. We have been so happy.

3. What is your favorite thing to create? Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have a favorite listing in your shop?
One of our most favorite things to make are our miniature jointed bears. They are super unique in that we honestly cannot make any of them the same. If they do come out close to each other that is about as good as we can get. We have made so many (50 or more) and we only had two that came out even remotely the same. They are our twins – Actually we have two sets of twins a set of girls and then a boy and girl set. The most wonderful thing about making bears is that you start out with cloth or yarn and then it just becomes what it needs to be. You may think you are making a girl, but that is not what the material decided to be. The product tells us what it will become. This is truly a work of our heart as we develop these little guys into sweet little collectibles. 

Another item we love to make is scarves. We like to use and make our own patterns for the scarves. We have been very blessed to have two of our scarves featured in treasuries on Etsy, which really is a huge honor with all scarves out there to choose from. 

Our inspiration comes from the sheer enjoyment that we get when people enjoy our items. It is not about the money (although that is nice), it truly is a ministry of giving joy to others. 

4. How has your business evolved since you first started out?
Our business (crafting) has just always been. It has evolved itself into what it is. 

5. What tips do you have for others interested in opening an Etsy shop or starting a small business?
I would tell others to not give up, to follow the Lord’s guidance, and to trust that hard work and a heart of service to others will truly never return void. It is easy to get lost in Etsyland, very easy as there is so many talented people out there using this venue to fulfill their dreams of shop ownership; however, don’t lose heart. Even though it is hard to put down the craft and network, networking is necessary; join a team of like minded individuals. Share your things, but most importantly help others out as well. If you get into someone’s treasury, provide their information on your item so that when people look at you they can also look at them. Etsy is very competitive, but if you look at it as a fun venture, that truly is not that expensive, you will have as much fun as we are having and so far we have not sold any items; however, we have numerous followers and people who admire our shop.

6. How do you see your business growing in the future?
If we had a plan for the future we would love to open a crafters consignment store front with a tea house attached, a tea and trinket kind of place where individuals could come and have a peaceful tea break and be able to peruse ours and others crafts in a very relaxing setting. I do not know if we will ever realize this dream, but it would be super nice if it happened. Otherwise, we will continue on Etsy!

Visit JustTCsgirlscrafting and learn more about their wonderful shop at the link below!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring us. We are so excited and honored to be part of your blog!!! :)Kathy and my girls

    1. Thanks for letting me interview you! :)