Friday, November 30, 2012

Freebie Friday: Christmas Printable - Merry and Bright!

In honor of the LAST day of November I'm posting a totally, 100% free, printable for y'all!

I love the colors in this design (maybe that's why I chose it for my shop theme! :) And the colors can match any decorations you have around your house. The background is a great modern diamond pattern in a soft grey.

Let me know what you think about your free printable... and how your're planning on using and displaying it in your own home! I'm thinking of hanging ours in a bright yellow frame right next to our front door so we'll see it every time we leave the apartment!

Free Christmas Printable! "May your days be merry and bright" by PrintableWisdom on Etsy
Just click on the image above and it will pop up in a new window of your browser. Then, right click and "save as" to your computer. It's formatted to be printed as an 8x10 landscape print.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The 12 "Entertaining and Dinnerware" Finds of Christmas!

I love Christmas decorations (as you can tell from my recent photo-filled post about all of the Christmas stuff I covered our apartment in!). But I also love fun kitchen and entertaining products - cute measuring spoons and cups are my downfall. 

Here is a list of 12 items that combine the best of both worlds. I hope you'll find a new favorite in this collection! These items would ALL be in my dream Christmas kitchen and dining room!

(And please - Pin away! My newest addition to the blog is a "Pin-it!" button next to every picture - so convenient!)
  1. Nutcracker napkin holders - from World Market - $9.99 for a set of four
  2. Jewel tone cocktail shakers - from Pottery Barn - $39.50 each
  3. Reindeer dinnerware - from Pottery Barn - $39.50 - $59.50 for a set of four
  4. Santa and Snowman salt and pepper shakers - from Pier 1 - $12.95 for the set
     5. 12 Days of Christmas serving set (adorable!) - from Pottery Barn - $415 for all the pieces
         I'd have to build this collection up slowly!
     6. Red and white chevron cloth napkins - from PrestonStreet on Etsy - $10.00
         Check out the rest of this fun shop!
     7. White ceramic sweater vase - from World Market - $19.99 - $29.99
     8. Stag decanter - from Pottery Barn - $119

     9. Wine bottle scarf and hat - from World Market - $11.97 for set of 3!
   10. Red serving butler table - from Crate and Barrel - $299
   11. Gingerbread man spatula - from Crate and Barrel - $9.95 for both
   12. Twelve Days of Christmas place card holders - from Williams Sonoma - $79.95 for the set

Let me know in the comments section what new finds have made their way onto your Christmas wish list! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decorating in our Apartment!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means it's time for one of my most favorite activities!

Christmas decorating!

Our apartment is officially decked out for the season! So much so that my husband said it was starting to look like "a forest"! What can I say... I'm a sucker for cute Christmas stuff! Here are some of my favorites!

Christmas tree and Hallmark ornaments
First... and most importantly, our Christmas tree!
I got this tree on sale the January before we were married at Hobby Lobby and I remind Daniel what a steal it was each year when we put it up, too! 
But the ornaments are my favorite part. My mom had a tradition of taking my sisters and me to buy one nice ornament a piece each Christmas. She always told us this was because her and my dad had no ornaments when they first got married and their Christmas tree was totally bare! So when I got married, I already had tons of ornaments to fill my tree.
The top ornament is a really cute one! It's a silver plated Bible that opens up to reveal a nativity scene. The middle is a woodland themed Santa; and the bottom one was my ornament I "picked out" when I was 2 years old, of Mr. and Mrs. Claus dancing!

Here you can see one of my favorite nutcrackers (I have a lot of them!). I love the miniature nutcrackers he has hanging from his sign!
Our tree topper is made of vintage sheet music, covered in German glitter (the kind that isn't too very sparkly and looks nice and antiqued). The bird is covered with the same glitter (my mom always says everyone needs bird ornaments on their tree!).

Christmas decorations - countdown, nutcrackers, PrintableWisdom 12 days of Christmas printable
Here are a few odds and ends - and a couple (well, six) more nutcrackers!
I love this magnetic Christmas countdown - it looks just like a cookie sheet! I got this last year at Hallmark. 
My 12 days of Christmas printable (found in my Etsy shop) goes perfectly in our spare room... or the "room of all colors" since we kind of have a rainbow of color themes going on in there!

Here are our two nativity sets. My awesome mother-in-law and sister-in-law just gave us the top one (by Willow Tree) this weekend (as an early Christmas gift... who doesn't love those!?) when we were home for Thanksgiving. I love the cut out iron barn behind them!
The bottom set I bought a few years ago in a small store back in our home town.

Christmas decorations - picture frame, stockings, wine bottle label
Here are the decorations in our kitchen! Our new apartment doesn't have a fireplace, so I had to improvise and hang our stockings (from Pottery Barn - they have jingle bells and are SO soft!) above the microwave!
This customized wine label (from my Etsy shop) also serves as a cute decoration on our counter!

I hope y'all enjoyed seeing a little bit of my Christmas decoration obsession! I'd love to hear how you're decorating for Christmas in the comments below!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Idea: Personalized Wine Bottles!

I'm always trying to think of fun, personalized gifts (that won't break the bank!) for Christmas! For people who have everything, I've always found that they really appreciate utilitarian or perishable items... things that won't just sit around and clutter up the house! Stuff that will get used!

So I decided to make a simple gift of wine into something personal, unique, and memorable! These wine labels are SO cute and make any bottle of wine (even a cheap one!) into a great gift for friends, family, coworkers... anyone!

This craft project is SO simple! First you just need to print out the PDF file found here in my shop. I used matte photo paper I found at Target (I love this stuff. It's thick but doesn't have that super glossy look - it looks really professional!).
Printable wine bottle labels - customized with your name!

Peel off your original wine label, and cut out your super cute Christmas wine labels! It really works better with the original label peeled off so you can't see it through the new label. If you want your recipient to know what kind of wine they're drinking, just peel off the back label!
Peel off the original wine label - and print out your new customized Christmas labels!
Then, you can either stick your wine labels on with glue or double sided tape (I used double sided tape because I'm way too impatient to let glue dry!).
Double sided tape on the back of the new label

Done! You can give these away as presents, have them at your Christmas party (these invitations would be a great addition), or keep them for yourself as Christmas decorations or for Christmas dinner!
DIY Wine bottle Christmas labels - customized with your family name!

I'm loving how cute these are... and am trying to restrain myself from buying tons of bottles and plastering these cute labels all over them!

For an extra special touch, you could add these ADORABLE wine bottle hats and scarfs from World Market - a set of 3 for only $11.97 ($3.99 per wine bottle!).

Send your pictures to my e-mail address (or post them in the comments section below!) if you decide to tackle this craft! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A peek behind the scenes!

Lately I've had a lot of customers asking me about my process for creating my custom house portraits. These orders are some of my most favorite to create, because each one is SO different from the last, and the whole drawing just takes on a life of it's own at each step in the process!

Here is just a little look at one drawing from beginning to end!

First, I do a rough line drawing based on photos of the house (on my iPad - this app is "Art Rage" - it's great and a LOT of fun!). I love that I can carry my iPad around with me and draw whenever I get some free time (during study breaks!).
Line drawing of house portrait

Then I add in the basic colors for large spaces.
Rough coloring of home portrait

Next, I color in the house, draw in bricks, and other fun details - and try to match it to the photo! On this drawing, I added in a gnome to the front porch at the very end (so cute!).
Home portrait - custom drawing of your home!

Then I import my drawing to my computer, add text... and send it to you to be printed and framed!
PrintableWisdom custom home portrait printable - only $30.00 on Etsy

And here's a look at a few other finished portraits I've drawn for customers!
PrintableWisdom custom home portrait printable - only $30.00 on Etsy

PrintableWisdom custom home portrait printable - only $30.00 on Etsy

PrintableWisdom custom home portrait printable - only $30.00 on Etsy

PrintableWisdom custom home portrait printable - only $30.00 on Etsy