Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Went Home for Christmas!

Here are some pictures of our trip home for Christmas! Daniel and my parents live in the same town so we had a week filled with family fun! I got a Canon camera for a gift so the photo quality on the blog should be much better in the following months.

It was extra special because we had a white Christmas... a rarity in Texas! 
 My family's Christmas tree!
 Daniel's family's Christmas tree!
 Opening gifts with Daniel's family
 My house covered in snow... so pretty!
 Our pecan tree out front - we got some great pecans this year!
 Our living room all ready for Christmas!
 Sweet Pye
 My parents' dog Meg (she was sleepy from playing in the snow!)
This is going to be Pye's Christmas card picture next year! ;)
Walking down the driveway in the snow
This is an old wagon we have in front of our barn (you can see the chicken coop in the background!)
My mom's miniature horses are staying warm near the barn
Pretty Bonnie after her haircut and bath!
The view from our back windows
Here's "Happy" the cow and one of our new calves!
The chickens are staying warm in their coop... we get lots of fresh eggs from them every morning!

How was your Christmas this year? What was your favorite gift/memory?


  1. my boys came home this was nice having my kids all together, but it went by way too fast.

  2. I love your tree - so bright and festive! Happy New Year! :)
    Came from Blart Blog.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! The trees are so beautiful - all of them! Great photos. Your mom has miniature horses??? My kids LOVE mini horses. What a great holiday sharing it with both of your families. Lucky! Very lucky. =0)

  4. What beauty! Such a beautiful Christmas!

  5. Wow those photos are amazing! Do you mind sharing what camera you are using?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Christine - I use the Canon SX 50 HS Powershot, with some filters in Adobe Lightroom afterwards (love that program!)