Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Idea: Personalized Wine Bottles!

I'm always trying to think of fun, personalized gifts (that won't break the bank!) for Christmas! For people who have everything, I've always found that they really appreciate utilitarian or perishable items... things that won't just sit around and clutter up the house! Stuff that will get used!

So I decided to make a simple gift of wine into something personal, unique, and memorable! These wine labels are SO cute and make any bottle of wine (even a cheap one!) into a great gift for friends, family, coworkers... anyone!

This craft project is SO simple! First you just need to print out the PDF file found here in my shop. I used matte photo paper I found at Target (I love this stuff. It's thick but doesn't have that super glossy look - it looks really professional!).
Printable wine bottle labels - customized with your name!

Peel off your original wine label, and cut out your super cute Christmas wine labels! It really works better with the original label peeled off so you can't see it through the new label. If you want your recipient to know what kind of wine they're drinking, just peel off the back label!
Peel off the original wine label - and print out your new customized Christmas labels!
Then, you can either stick your wine labels on with glue or double sided tape (I used double sided tape because I'm way too impatient to let glue dry!).
Double sided tape on the back of the new label

Done! You can give these away as presents, have them at your Christmas party (these invitations would be a great addition), or keep them for yourself as Christmas decorations or for Christmas dinner!
DIY Wine bottle Christmas labels - customized with your family name!

I'm loving how cute these are... and am trying to restrain myself from buying tons of bottles and plastering these cute labels all over them!

For an extra special touch, you could add these ADORABLE wine bottle hats and scarfs from World Market - a set of 3 for only $11.97 ($3.99 per wine bottle!).

Send your pictures to my e-mail address (or post them in the comments section below!) if you decide to tackle this craft! I'd love to see what you come up with!


  1. Those are really cute designs! The good thing about custom personalized wine labels is that they allow you to make a very special gift without spending a lot of money. This is good for people who are looking for a gift to give in an extravagant birthday party or wedding. People might think you’ve spent hundreds of dollar for it, but it’s actually just some items around your home.

    >Jessie Henn

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  3. I completely agree with you personalized wine bottles are a great gifting option for Christmas and new year. They are not the gifts that just add up to the clutter rather they can be creatively used after being consumed to decorate the interiors of any house.
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  4. Customizing the wine bottles sounds like a fantastic idea! It will definitely make your gift extra special. I think you could even add some crystals and other embellishment to make it look more beautiful and attractive! Cheers!

    Jessica Hayes @ Liquid Diamondz

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